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Backlink Analysis

We’ve analyzed over 100+ million links and have have developed the most sophisticated backlink analysis in the industry. Our proprietary algorithm looks at over 25 of the most important SEO metrics to identify the most toxic links that need to be removed.

Manual Outreach & Link Removal

Manual analysis allows our team of experts to identify the best means of getting in contact with Webmasters. After getting in touch with Webmasters we’ll help guide them through the removal process to ensure your links are removed properly. Don’t settle for automated outreach, let our team handle this process for you.

Final Removal Report

After successfully working with Webmasters to remove your links we’ll send you a final report that outlines the link removal campaign. These are the same reports that thousands of website owners like you have used to recover their Google rankings.

How We’ll Help You

Recover Rankings

Toxic links lead to Google penalties and losses in website traffic. We identify and eliminate bad links for you so that your website maintains Google compliance.

Save Time & Money

Did you know the average successful link removal campaign can take over 200 hours? Let us do the hard work for you so that you don’t need to hire another employee for link removals!

Fix & Prevent Google Penalties

A clean backlink profile is critical for recovering or preventing future Google penalties. Our Google penalty recovery team will help you identify the problematic links and handle the link removal campaign for you. Removing search engine penalties has never been easier.

Legendary Support

Have questions? Need help? Email and chat with a human. Our expert support staff is here to help you with your link removal campaign. Just reach out and we’ll get you answers fast.

Expert Execution

We wrote the books on link removal. We pioneered the link removal process and were the first to offer link removal as a service. Let our expert team take the stress away and make the Google penalty recovery process easy.

Real-time Reporting

Our easy to use dashboard allows you to view an overview of your campaign. We make it easy to know what’s happening on your campaign through our easy to use client-zone.

Loved by Hundreds of Companies & Agencies

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